Surrender to The Provider

Provisions. Allah restricts and expands our provisions according to His Divine Knowledge and Wisdom. As humble servants of God, we have to surrender to Him and accept His gifts with gratitude and joy.
No matter how small or how big our provisions, there is just a limited amount to how much we can consume. Even if we have a buffet spread before us, we cannot possible eat all that we want to eat for our bodies have limitations. Even if we have all the money to travel the world, we may not have the health or time to do so. Even as He limits our wealth to just the bare minimum, we also can be appreciative and live with less wants with happiness and peace of mind because we are grateful.
Health and time are also forms of provisions which we seldom ponder upon and thank Him sincerely for until we are struck with an illness or have a limited time to do things or live in this world. Let us appreciate this bounty as bestowed upon us daily. Another day on this earth to embrace its beauty and the love of our family and friends, is a reason to be thankful.
Love is also a provision which He restricts and expands according to His Grace and Mercy. We may not always know why or understand why we gain or lose our loved ones until maybe years later, on hindsight. There is good in everything He has ordained, and as humble servants, we have to surrender and hang on to His rope and accept His Will with open hearts and minds.
Knowledge is also something that He bestows accordingly. Knowledge as they say is wealth that you can share to others and pass down through the generations to make a better life for all on earth. Blessed are those who know the truth and spread it.
Whilst surrendering to the Highest Power for our provisions, our responsibility is still to strive with all our might to achieve what is best. We will be judged not on the outcome of our deeds but by our effort, patience, sincerity and faith.
So, Provisions – be grateful and thank Him always for whatever gifts and ease that He has given us, and remember others’ rights to our wealth, give charity, establish justice on earth and share our prosperity together. Do not be envious of others, be niggardly or fear losing your wealth for His Wealth and Power is vast and unlimited.
God bless you, my friends, through all your days to come and we welcome His abundance for the greater good.

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