Naked Monologues

By Yohanna Abdullah
I am getting ready to end my day, and I just like to journal my thoughts for today. I had my 30-minute brisk walk in the morning and reported for work at 10.30 am. Today my EWYA Session (EWYA= Expressive Writing with Yohanna Abdullah) was on writing and performing monologues. I shared the short version of my play Naked, performed in 2015 at The Black Box by Teater Kami and in Yogyakarta in 2017 and will soon be staged at the Yale-NUS College on Jan 2020.
It was actually a very deep and entertaining session today as all our participants at the Club HEAL rehab shared their experiences as mental patients through each of their own monologues. Then we did short comedy monologues that put us into fits of laughter. We were  particularly entertained by a sweet and creative lady who laughed the loudest of all, uncontrollably. She has a gift for story-telling, animated and able to leave the audience waiting with bated breath for the punchlines for her grandmother, uncles and aunties and the whole family- stories.
As usual, our discussions would stray into other topics such as Singapore’s elections and politics, including Donald Trump’s, end of the world, climate change, mothers and religion. The session was so deep that me and two other staff chatted on for another one and a half hours.
We shared the very real issues that we face when we are having our symptoms that perhaps only those blessed with these can understand. Well, maybe others do too but sometimes it feels like only we can fit into our shoes. But thankfully at Club HEAL, we don’t feel alone. We reckon that is why so many come to attend our activities and rehab, some for years even since its inception in 2012, me included.
I am constantly bringing people to our Club HEAL family. The latest one is a new friend I made at the Social Media and Marketing Summit 2020 last Saturday. She is paying us a visit on Friday morning to get to know us and what we do and see how she can volunteer her services.
The same way I like to introduce my friends to Club HEAL, I like to introduce Club HEALers to my circle of friends. Two Club HEAL volunteers yesterday joined The Simple Life Club that I am blessed to be a part of. It was ladies’ night and we rocked even as we wore our hearts on our sleeves at O Coffee Club.
I love making friends and I guess that is why I enjoy FB so much because I get to make new ones, even as I get to stay in touch with old ones. Some people have one or two good friends for life and they are happy with that. But since young, I have so many friends whom I adore and love for each of their unique characters and cherish them for accompanying me in the different seasons of my life.
I guess I should stop rambling and shut down now. So, friends, have a good night rest and sweet dreams. If you are going to dream, Dream Big!!
May peace be upon you.

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