My Friend

By Yohanna Abdullah
I know you are facing the toughest time in your life
I know your days are dark and your nights are long
I know you cannot summon a bath or a meal at will
I know that all you can think of is ending the pain
I know that you believe that you are all alone
My friend, please take your meds and seek professional help
This is an illness that needs treatment like any other
You were a nurse, so please don’t think it is a curse
Brought by evil spirits, thoughts and actions
It can be cured with patience and perseverance
Take your meds diligently and see a counsellor, a peer support specialist and even a case manager
Have ECTs, be admitted to the hospital if necessary
Recovery takes time and effort
Like you said, one day you will wake up and find the worst is over
You will don your pretty make up and clothes
We will have coffee and go to the movies
You will be working and studying and exploring new adventures
Know that I am here to walk the journey with you
Remember, you have emerged from past storms whole and happy
Know that I am by your side through thick and thin
Know that I too have been there and feel your pain
You asked if I will still be  your friend if you don’t recover
I say you will always be my friend, now and forever

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