Life is Brief

By Yohanna Abdullah
Silver hair is beautiful. It testifies to the wealth of experience and a lifetime of lessons. It is also a reminder of what is surely to come – our return to our Creator and thus family ties and friendship are all the more cherished.
Be mindful of the brevity of life and live in each second with love, peace and joy. Life is too short to hold grudges or nurse hatred. Forgive, even if we cannot forget. Be the bigger person to offer the olive branch and mend broken ties.
We are a part of a larger community of our fellow mankind, animals and nature. Even as we age, we have to work hard each day to fulfill our roles and responsibilities to the best of our abilities.
As we prepare to close the final curtain in our stage of life and prepare our loved ones for the separation from this world, we enjoy the beauty and promises each new day brings. It is not too late to watch the crescent moon grace the starlit sky, to behold the grass beneath our feet.
Life is a gift and silver hair or not, let’s embrace and cherish it.

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