Let Me Be

By Yohanna Abdullah

Out of my mess comes clarity
Out of my heartbreak comes audacity
To speak the truth no matter how much it hurts
To seek simplicity in all the complexity

Digging deep into my core I find sensitivity
To real and perceived injustices inflicted upon me
I will look them in the eye, unflinchingly
And bare my soul till me is all I see

If truth be told, I am not not guilty
Of crimes against myself, I admit to breathe
Death where there was life
For I chose chaos to feed my strife

And so, I beseech Thee
Please make me whole again and free
To roam and flow with the gentle breeze
Blowing sweet nothings into the sea

Let me be one with the One and Only
Let me lie in your embrace peacefully
Please Lord, let me BE


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