Forgive Unconditionally

By Yohanna Abdullah
I find it strange why forgiving is so hard to do. If you want God’s forgiveness and believe He is All-Forgiving, why then can’t you forgive those who wrong you? Why wait for the other person to make the first move to seek forgiveness when in most situations it takes two to hurt each other?
I find it strange that even as we get older and our days are numbered, we still hesitate to ask for forgiveness and forgive others and instead harbor our hatred for each others’ wrongdoings or alleged faults.
I find it strange that we have to wait until the person’s last breath to say “I am sorry,” or ask for forgiveness only when we want to perform the major or minor pilgrimage to Mecca.
If we see ourselves as fallible human beings, we must be humble enough to know that we frequently make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally and need to apologise for them. We do not have to be arrogant and expect the other person to offer the olive branch first.
No misdeed can be so big that one cannot forgive the act or rather the perpetrator when the All-Loving God can forgive all sins except that of associating Him with another deity or being. Can we not bless our fellow human beings with forgiveness that will sweeten our journey on earth and allow the affected parties to move on? Sometimes all that it takes to pass a hurdle or a roadblock in life is a simple and heartfelt “I am sorry.”
Do reflect upon our relationships and ask ourselves sincerely, are there people that we need to apologise to? Like I believe, “It is never to late to say sorry, until death do us part.” Don’t wait for the last breath to express yourself. The time is Now.
Last but not least, don’t forget to forgive yourselves for the wrongs that you have inflicted upon yourselves. Forgiving yourselves, means loving yourselves. This will bring peace and joy and comfort that you have been looking for, that comes from within, not without.
Forgive unconditionally in the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

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