When All is Drained or Everything Means Nothing…

By Amirah ‘Afifah


Emotional Numbness and feeling “empty” feels debilitating and strange. Those who experience this may feel little or no emotions, or feel hollow in his heart. Intense emotions like sadness, fear and grief could cause someone to feel numb, on top of feeling stressed coping with these emotions alone.

Note that you are not alone, there will always be help around. Call a therapist or a friend to talk to if situations get too intense.

Emotional numbness is serious and can be frustrating to some, others feeling empty. Every emotional numbing has a cause and reason behind it. It could be due to the person exhausting all his emotions due to a specific event that has happened. Events like tragedy, loss of a beloved someone, a breakup, your significant other cheating on you or loss of something we love can trigger emotional numbing. It is okay.


You have went through a lot, and your emotional response needs a break from it. However, feeling numb for long periods of time can even make you feel less happy, unmotivated, empty and that everything means nothing.

1 – Appreciate

Be grateful for the good events that come your way, be it trivial or significant. Feeling grateful for some of the things that we have done on that day can boost feelings of satisfaction, a kick start on your emotions checklist.

2 – Tell yourself that it is okay.

Acknowledge the feeling and that you are on your way to taking a step to recovery. Know that you are not alone. Know that there are people who will be there to be with you. Know that this is temporary and it shall pass.

3 – Boost yourselves with activities that have made you happy and uplifted.

Your brain is a memory box. Try to dig and rack up the events or activities in your head that made you feel joyful and rejuvenated. It could be as simple as reading a favourite book, painting, writing, learning about a specific subject, going for a walk, hanging out with a positive person and cooking.

4 – Having goals and a purpose.

Write it. Write in on a big card or a big piece of paper and tell yourself, “ I am _____________” This will motivate you and hopefully boost your brain in knowing that, “hey, there is something I am going to work towards in life.” It could be a dream of having a car, you can paste pictures or a vacation you are dreaming of, or it could simply be a goal of going to university and getting a degree.

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