Combating Stress 101

By Amirah ‘Afifah

Stress, the pain you feel in your body , mostly in your head when faced with a difficult situation. I was diagnosed with Chronic Stress and my body tends to produce too much stress hormones even though I was not induced by any factors. Situations with high stress is not very ideal for me as I will overwork and relapse.

Though, despite facing stress daily, I try to combat them by eating healthy foods like dark chocolate, nuts and I try to cut down on refined sugars. Coping with stress doesn’t always necessarily mean eradicating the stress itself, because there is always a certain underlying cause behind it. For example, exams and heavy workload causes you stress.

I might have been stressed due to me putting too much expectations on myself to meet the deadline. Other times, maybe I have too many assignments or reports to do at the moment. Others, it might be because due to the lack of sleep.

It is good to step back at a time, diverting your attention span to something pleasurable, such that it will mitigate stress in your body. For example if I am stressed, I will complete Sudoku, compose songs, write or perform experiments. It depends. For you, maybe you could start a new hobby or work on something simple such as solving a jigsaw puzzle.

Others, mental stimulation may not be the best. Others, could be listening to pop or any music to work on their emotional and sensitive side of themselves to curb the stress. Some like gardening, some like talking and some, venting to someone close.

Some prefer exercising and looking out of their window to see the waves crashing or birds in the sky. Some love to gaze at the stars in the night sky and some love to sleep.

Stress affects us in many ways. Thus, it is important to learn stress-coping mechanism and methods such that will not flail and affect our health.

All the best!


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