By Nur Afiqah Bte Mohd Azman

We have discussed about the importance of self-love and the forgiveness. Now, let’s move on to gratitude.


Gratitude is to be thankful for all the small things that happen in our lives. Gratitude involves appreciating the small things and embrace the goodness behind every sadness, every disappointment and every frustration. There is always a silver lining behind every occurrence in our life episodes.

When I was slowly recovering to my normal mental state of well being, I begin to write down all the good things that happen to me in a small notebook. I call it “ The Gratitude Book”. It primes my mind to always look at the positive side of lives so that I learnt not to give up on hope and to be mentally strong in the face of emotional challenges.

I would like to share a quote by Amy Collete, “ Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” Gratitude attracts happiness in our lives that is a great attitude to have if we want to have the best human experience on this earth.

Let’s be grateful for being surrounded with so much love with the presence of families, colleagues, friends and neighbours.

Let’s be grateful for having the chance to wake up every morning.

You can never go wrong in life with gratitude. Life is so precious to be angry at the circumstances.


Why is my husband so slow?

Why is the food so stale?

Why are my children so irritating?

Instead let’s frame it positively.

I am grateful that I have a husband. He needs time to prepare himself to look good.

I am grateful that there is food on the table.

I am grateful that I have children. Some young parents yearn for a kid for so many years.

Framing our mindset positively will go a long way in cultivating a healthy mental health lifestyle.

I love the quote by Steve Maraboli,” Those who have the ability to be grateful are the ones who have the ability to achieve greatness.”

Spread the love and compassion and let’s remind each other to be grateful after learning how to love ourselves and to forgive ourselves and forgive others.


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