I see you.

By Rishah Zainal

Photo credit: 123rf.com

I see beyond their wrinkly skin.

I see the man that used to be young. Used to be mischievous. Used to be playful. Used to be hardworking. I see the man that once for a period of time was serving his family, his work. The abled body man that worked hard for the extra hours to bring their children out for some snacks. The parent that promises good time if their children achieved good grades. I see it beyond their skin. How they might had contributed in the society or anything that shaped today. And even if they didn’t, for the skin to age, they must have been through something. Something worth sharing about. And now, when they are old and wobbly, with minimal mobility requiring help from the younger ones; the abled ones, do they sit on their wheelchair reminiscing about how their life had quickly passed?




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