Tips of the Day (by Club HEAL Case Workers!)

By Nur Atiqah Lee and Nurleen Mohamed

Stay Active. Do not stay indoors for long periods of time. Go out of your houses everyday even if it is for a short five-minute walk near your home. This is better than just staring at the four walls in your room.

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Going out will lift up your mood and you can make friends with the people in your neighbourhood.

Shared by Nur Atiqah Lee, case manager at Club HEAL.

Good sleep is very important as it will help you to function at the optimal level. It will help you to be mindful of the things around you. Sleep is part and parcel of being human so it  is important to have quality sleep which is not disrupted by nightmares or with issues that you are preoccupied with during the day.

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You must understand your own sleep pattern which varies with different people. It is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w to sleep after Ishak prayers, or now in the fasting month, after Terawih prayers.

You may wish to pray the optional night prayers – the Tahajud but make sure it is not at the expense of your compulsory dawn or Subuh prayer.

Shared by Nurleen Mohamed, counselor at Club HEAL

Nur Atiqah Lee & Nurleen Mohamed are case workers at Club HEAL. They love being a part of the healing process for the clients they dedicatedly serve.


  1. Assalamualaikum.
    I’m afraid of going out.
    I’m afraid of getting symptoms.
    I’ve had some health checkups with results which show I’m healthy, but I don’t feel good. I feel “off” a lot.
    I also have difficulty sleeping, maintaining sleep and sticking to a regular sleep pattern.
    I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?


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