A Little Thing Called Joy

By Yohanna Abdullah

gerbera posy

There is a time for everything and there is a time for sadness. You may have all that you crave for in this world (actually we don’t) and there beside you is that thing called sadness.

Yes, the reality is all is not pretty and beautiful and happy. Life is not as such if you did not first know the ugly and the crappy.

So yes this is the phase that I am undergoing, remorseful for the bad deeds that had happened and hopeful for deliverance to a place called Heaven.

My friends asked me why I am feeling shitty and I cannot answer specifically for this sinking and stinking feeling. Maybe too many wrong moves equal to hell of my own making. Just have to answer for the choices I made in the heat of the moment.

There is such a thing as KARMA I believe and the pain you dish to others will boomerang back to you. You may not have to live out your karma if you ask for forgiveness and forgive others who hurt you.

I am just grateful that I feel happy more than I feel sad. Blessings come in many forms and I am happy if it comes in the form of peace, love and joy. May the blessings be upon you.

Yohanna Abdullah is a writer and editor for Club HEAL. She has published four books for Club HEAL. She enjoys creative expression and she looks at life with wonder and love. She is a passionate mental health advocate. She is also a loving mother of two.

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