What Do You Do?


By Yohanna Abdullah

So what do you do? This is one of the most common questions asked by people who just are about to get to know you.

“I am a writer,” and I add, “I write, I breathe and I love.” These are the three things  that keep me alive. Breathing may be a sub-conscious activity but sometimes I have to be super-conscious of it and observe the air as it enters and leaves me through the mouth or  nose. In other words, breathing keeps me grounded to the Divine breath that is the source of the breath that is keeping me alive and connected to this world.

Writing is the second thing that keeps me alive. My identity is tied to this activity in life which started when I was knee-high in kindergarten. Ever since I can remember, I enjoy writing, first using chalk and blackboard, then with paper and pencil, then with books and pens and then using typewriters and finally with desktop computers, laptops and then the smart phones. I write as naturally as I breathe.

Finally, I love. Loving myself, my family, my friends, my colleagues, my fellow human beings also come naturally to me. There is no reason why I should do the opposite of love, which is hate or is it being indifferent? The Divine breath is actually Love in all its sincerity and purity and  it is free and unconditional. Loving in this way allows us to appreciate each other without too much expectations which we may fall short of as the relationship matures to different levels.

So I keep it simple for myself. I write, I breathe, I love. This is what I need to do everyday to be me – a sometimes not so humble servant of God. What do you do?

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