Have Faith


By Yohanna Abdullah

Have you ever had the experience of suddenly thinking of a friend out of nowhere and have him texting you just seconds after? I had such a moment with my friend and volunteer of Club HEAL yesterday.

What surprised me was the content of his SMS. He said, “Salam Kak Yo, I hope you are having a good weekend so far. Just want to say to you that I have always enjoyed every piece of art that is portrayed on mentallyblessed.blog. Sometimes I feel so tired, stressed and unmotivated to do my work. Then, I would occasionally look at the blog. It really motivates me and reminds me of all the positive things there are in this world and more. Your words are powerful to me. I hope you’ll continue and never stop spreading positivity in your works. May Allah bless you more everyday, Kak Yo.”

Ameen, thank you brother for your encouragement. What he could not have known was that I was at my depths of negativity having been on the low side for nearly two weeks. I had been so low that I doubted God’s wisdom in creating good and evil, heaven and hell. I fell back to my primal accusation that a good God will not create hell and suffering and the more I heard what He has in store for the disbelievers and hypocrites and evildoers, the more I questioned His goodness and kindness.

I was waiting to get out of this damning mindset as I know goodness will triumph soon. I was more thinking of retail therapy – to take my mum and daughter for shopping at JEM at night. But as I was about to board the bus from my home to the shopping centre, I saw this uplifting text from a ClubHEALer. It was a reminder that I am not all doom and  gloom which was my aura for the past days.

How could my brother know what I was feeling at that time? But Allah knows and nudges him to share his feelings with me at the exact time when I needed to hear these words the most. To me this is nothing short of a miracle and miracles such as these, small or big, show that there is a Grand Designer who knows where each and every leaf is and Who is the mover of hearts.

The closer we are to Him, the more veils are lifted and we see the wisdom of Creation. When I am not Getting It, that is, I cannot understand the meaning and beauty of whatever I am going through, seeing it through the spectacles of  sin and suffering, I have to totally surrender to God as He is the the Supreme Creator. He should know what He is doing, He is after all GOD for God’s sake. And we are mere mortals. Even the angels questioned God’s wisdom in creating mankind as they will be bound to create havoc and bloodshed on Earth.

Allah silenced their query with, “I know what you know not.”  From this story I learned to be humble and not be enamored by my limited thinking and feelings. I can’t even create a life on my own, why should I question the One who creates everything from the sky to the millipede to the butterfly and to a human being, which He declared is the best of all His creations?

Goodbye gloom and doom, life is beautiful even if it doesn’t make sense to you at times. Just charge forth with a smile and a prayer. The fact that you have your five senses and are still breathing is a cause for gratitude and celebration. And well, if you don’t have anything, at least have Faith.








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