Looking Out the Window

Poetry by Alesha Binte Abdul Rahim



Looking out the window,
Cold breeze against my face,
I can smell the rain,
I can feel the pain,
No story told,
Nobody to hold,
The thought of being alone,


Mouths are open,
No words come out,
Silence fills the air,
I cry for help,
But they all just stare,
Do I dare?
Cry for help again?
Will they judge me?
Will there be a care?
I start to talk to myself,
Because no one will,
I talk to my myself,
Because no one will talk to me,


Sometimes when I’m sad ,
I like to write,
About my day,
And how it went,
Or about the things,
I’m sad about ,
Or about the things that bother me,
I lay here waiting,
Thinking of something,
Thinking about the little things,
That make me want to cry,
So I try,
To reassure myself,
That everything will be okay.

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