By Yohanna Abdullah


I will turn 50 in 11 days. Yes I am counting the seconds to D-Day. Not quite Dooms Day but my Dying Day. I figured that as Muslims of our times are said to have an expected average age of 60 years of life on Earth, mine is just 10 years away from 27 July 2017.

Ten years is a short span of time and it should not be frittered away.  Every second is precious. Even the seconds when we sleep and the body recharges are well-spent. I want to spend the rest of my life doing things that I love with the people that I love for the sake of my Supreme Love.

There! My mission statement for why I am on Earth. I am a woman on a mission to discover life and love my Creator and enjoy the bounties Allah has bestowed me – my health, my wealth, my children, my friends, my career, my talents, my hobbies and infinitely more gifts that can never be counted for they are as vast as the sky, as deep as the blue sea. I wish to be a humble and grateful servant of God. I want to work with Him to make the world a better place, for you and me, as my favourite singer Michael Jackson said. I hope for a touch of immortality by the deeds that I have sowed to bloom into a beautiful tree that bears flowers, fruits and leaves.

There is so much to do that we can hardly complain that we are bored. Some days may be slow and quiet but we can always push them a notch up by doing something that interests you even if remotely such as certain chores around the home.

Yesterday was special as I challenged myself to walk home from my office in Bukit Batok East to home sweet home at Jurong West. When I embarked on the walk, I did not realise what took just 17 minutes by car took all of two hours. Luckily I had a friend to keep me company for most of the walk with phone calls and video calls entertaining me with  funny photo editing of himself making me effectively a dangerous pedestrian at the roadside pavements where I walked. At one point I just noticed a cyclist coming head o in my direction at the traffic junction. Thankfully he had his eyes wide open while mine was glued to the phone.

Last week I tried something new too. I attended a one and a half day workshop on Recycled Arts.  We basically turned rubbish to art and reused, reduced and recycled things like coke bottles int a plastic pouch, t-shirts into bags, milk cartons into wallets and cloth into accessories. It was a refreshing break from  my work schedule and I learnt a lot from our talented facilitators. I could share some of the projects at Club HEAL.

Introducing fun elements into your daily schedule refreshing and invigorating. Today I am meeting a friend that I only recently got acquainted with again, my university friend who suffered from a stroke and found her life turned upside down and inside out.  I would like to meet with one friend a week or do something out of my office-home routine.

Already there are four out of the ordinary things happening this week. Today, Bernie is visiting me and discuss her story for a new book that I am doing. Friday, Club HEAL is having a donation drive at mosques and I will be holding a tin for donations and help sort out the notes and coins at Pasir Ris.

On Saturday there is a hari raya gathering of local Malay poets at the National Library and on Sunday there is a talk-makan-cheque presentation involving my friends and family at Pasir Ris. It can be quite overwhelming on days when I am slumbering sloth so I am glad I am on the catapulting cat side. But warning bells always ring when I am happy. Happiness is my trigger. It  could lead to hyperactivity, then insomnia, then relapse. I tell myself as my doctors do, catch it early. Catch the changing mood early so that I  can moderate my moods better. Oh well, really it sounds easier than it is.

“Life is an adventure and you never know when you are going to plunge into a deep cavern or you are going to fly on a hot air balloon. Life is full of surprises and often times you are not prepared for them. We need to learn to go with the flow and to let go of all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’.”



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