This Girl is on Fire


This song by Alicia Keys feat Nicki Minaj sounds like a girl going through mental illness when I listen to it again.

I’ve felt that, a girl with her insides feeling like it’s on fire, not being calm and grounded. Feeling bad but not knowing how to put water over that fire.

This was what helped me recently- pinning down what made me feel bad (work, not managing my household well, lack of physical fitness) and then thinking of steps I could take right that day to address those worries. And doing those things!!!

For me, facing the worry was better than ignoring the worry and bad feelings. Also, I was reminded by a loved one to make Doa and remember God, and that advice instantly lifted me up a little, knowing God was with me and I could turn to Him. Sometimes I forget. It is good to zoom out also and ask myself – will I remember this in five years time? Why feel so awful when it’s a relatively not so significant thing.

If we feel like our insides are on fire, may Allah cool us, may we help cool our friends who are feeling that way, may we take deep breaths, and take steps, no matter how small, to help ourselves. And may we know that if we feel lonely then, we are never truly alone.

Written by Sumaiyah Mohamed


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