Sense of self

When you feel like the World is crushing you beneath it’s feet. When you lose all sense of life direction. When you feel like every fibre of your being is unworthy of this life.

What will you do next?

Will you duck your head and cower beneath the shadows? Or will you get up and stand to face the Sun?

When misunderstandings occurs and relationships become strained; will you burn that bridge or will you rebuild it from where it stands?

Can you stay true to yourself when the World is filled with lies and deceit?

If only you knew the answers to your heart’s desires.. I never claim to know the answers; only God can and will show you the truth.

I’m tired and sick of this life and if I only knew what holds for me in the future. Life with it’s tragic yet beautiful moments.

And when you’re standing at the edge of that cliff will you choose to end it all or admire the beauty of the horizon and awe at the dangers of where you’re standing?

If only… If only… If only…

Shout and scream at the top your lungs!!

Tell yourself it’s ok to forgive. Forgiving yourself is the greatest act of love you can show to yourself..

Yes it’s all easy said.. It’s ok.

Just keep telling your heart that  ”All is well” and everything will fall into place.

I know… I know.. I know….

Written by Amalina


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