The Source


I am wearing a new kaftan that my sister bought for me from her recent trip to Jakarta. Her husband chose the two blue and orange batik dresses and I love the colour combinations of turquoise, orange, grey, brown and black.

Life is like a fabric that we paint with colours of our minds. Well not just our minds but our hearts and souls. These three faculties are separate though we seldom think of where our thoughts, feelings and actions come from.

For example:

Heart: I am feeling lonely. = blue

Mind : think there is no one here for me now. = black

Soul: I know I am not alone as Allah is always beside me. = orange

Everyday we paint the colours in various combinations and permutations, moment to moment. Feelings and thoughts are fleeting, but the soul knows the truth about the purpose of life and its journey to the  One that Creates.

We only have a limited years to living on this earth and we are always trying to find meaning to existence. Every question leads back to the Source.


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