Noble Souls

By Yohanna Abdullah

Yesterday I missed three events that I looked forward to – a wedding, a reunion and a night of poetry. I had prepared my outfit the night before, tried it on the morning and wore it ready just to get into the cab. But I couldn’t shake my headache and giddiness and wearing my headscarf made my symptoms on the head worse. So I decided to stay home and rest.

But thanks to Whatsapp I managed to be a part of my reunion with a group of former Tanjong Katong Girls School (TKGS) mates in real time and my classmates in a poetry workshop. I felt a part of the events even though it made me see what I was missing. Yummy food, poetry and friendhip anew.

The world has become more connected in ways that we could hardly imagine when I was a young girl in green uniform with Eng Yen, Mieng and Ger Ean from TKGS. Our Gang of Four finally connected this year although we are still trying to locate the fourth member Eng Yen. We trust with social media, she may resurface somehow like we did.

Being in a heterogeneous society and meeting in each others home, with food catered for everyone’s taste buds and dietary restrictions makes us feel a part of each others’ lives, cultures and belief systems. There is much good in gathering friends together over delicious food and a common passion.

I kept thinking of my alma mater which is also my daughter’s and the school song kept playing in my mind. I cannot remember my TKGS school song except the first verse:

“We cannot all be heroes and thrill a hemisphere 
With some great daring venture, some deed that mocks at fear 
But we can fill a lifetime with kindly acts and true 
There’s always noble service for noble souls to do 

Indeed noble souls can do do a lot of noble deeds….do do them please.


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