Giving Weight

By Daryl Tan

Give weight and listen

Pay attention to words that are not expressed

Feelings that are buried under one’s breath

Wounds and scars that take forever to heal

To support

Essentially means me taking a lesser role

Stopping criticism, judgement and stigma

Freeing my mind

Sensing the bigger picture

Saving unhealthy opinions and hard truths for what’s best

It’s not how best my advice is

Just me silently supporting every step of his way

I believe, my actions speak louder than my words

I look for the voice crying aloud inside

I am not above you

Neither am I more equal than you

Allow me to understand you

Put me in your shoes

Let me face this painful moment with you

I am beside, walking along with you

Hold me, use me, do not let go of me

To me ‘I’ matters first place

However least, if not, last in importance

Only when I give myself the best

Will I know what’s best for you?

Only with good rest and self-care

Do I give my one hundred and ten percent

Sometimes my client becomes shaky like me

I remember the body is calling to rest

Simple is my life

Easily contented with what I have

Not upset, hateful and full of grudge

I entered empty handed

I leave behind my name my legacy

I was ever too selfish and selfless

I was unhappy with others and myself

I realise to just enjoy

Enjoy by freeing up what I couldn’t let go

Support works both sides

Both opening up

Comfortable with one another

Trusting, our words in privacy

My observations are people have seasons

At some point they open up

It’s wrong and I have no right to force help

Helping means me opening arms yet allowing to let go

Learning comes with falling

Teach resilience

Show support

Transfer the confidence

Feed the hungry

By teaching him to fish

Train him to master it

Then teach him not to feed others but also be a teacher of fishing

I give weight to ‘Now’

My moments do not tick

It is still

Every step is the same

I breathe

I live

I exist for Him

Time is just a random figure

Yesterday has no effect

Tomorrow is just a response of today

I weigh my moments

I cherish every now, every moment, today

Watch what you weigh

You gonna get it!

Daryl Tan is a peer support specialist with Club HEAL. He believes recovery requires real hard work, and often the hard work is unseen. He empowers others as an unseen warrior. He loves his pets, singing, writing and connecting with fellow peers.

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