Only Today

By Daryl Tan


Yesterday I’ve forgotten
My thoughts seeking tomorrow
I observe around me, within me
Paying deep attention to all tiny bit of details
Appreciation above appreciating
Acknowledging to myself, that what is there
Is a luxury that could be taken away tomorrow

I see, beyond my eyes
I feel, not based on my emotions
I help, not out of kindness
I wait, not out of patienceI have nothing
I want nothing
I need nothing
I’m not really anything, someone, something

To me a relationship with God is first place
Not because I did something and deserve it
But because when I was at my darkest and lowest moments
I open my heart and allow Him to carry me.
I’m nothing because what I do, God does through me
Glory and honour to him
I’m honour to be His humbled servant

My life journey is akin to scaling a mountain
I head up and down again, same point once again
Has anyone besides me find life is revolving a circle?
Maybe only a mature enough, experience or psychical strong person
Will understand and accept that I can’t change anything
Only by letting go does change happens inside

I believe that in my life
Everything happens for a reason
I went through difficult periods of life
What helped me, is that I never haboured hard feelings of it
Instead I use these valuable experiences to touch the ones who need it


What blooms today
Withers tomorrow
Today becomes yesterday
Life’s my marathon, today is my race
Keep running, you’ll never run alone

Wherever I go I have support

My body is a house
A home for God
His presence is … indescribable

No reason
No money
No achievement/ hardwork
Can bribe me God
Only sincere submission, respect and love will Him come into my life


I am so small
Life is so short
Treasure every moment
Stop wasting it, value it

To exist, personally, is to honour my Creator
He did not set targets and expectations
He made me free
He gave me freedom
He gave me wings which I do not need in order to fly


When I put myself last
God puts me first
The less I say
The more emphatic and powerful my words become

Live for today
Then you will see what God is doing
He is there for you every moment

Stop, relax and not worry.
The biggest problem steps in when God becomes your problem
A wayward child is more precious to Him
Come, don’t wait, today, now, He is here for you

Daryl Tan is a peer support specialist with Club HEAL. He believes recovery requires real hard work, and often the hard work is unseen. He empowers others as an unseen warrior. He loves his pets, singing, writing and connecting with fellow peers.

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