Laughter is Light

By Sumaiyah Mohamed

img_6752Recently I have started to laugh out loud, like my laughter has a sound. Amazing mashaaAllah! My laughter did not use to have a sound, when I laughed before, it was silent. Alhamdulillah! My friend noticed this and she said she likes my new laugh, its sound has a warmth, reflecting this state of happiness.

I have learnt to laugh at myself, at the situation.

I remember on a drive with Dr Radiah, before this laugh of mine had a sound, she told me something like, “Kadang-kadang, Allah nak kasi kita ketawa, Dia uji kita – Allah sayang kita, Dia tahu yang semua ujian ni, kita boleh pass! InshaaAllah” which means “Sometimes, Allah blesses us with challenges to make us laugh, He wants to test us – Allah loves us, He knows that all these tests, surely we can pass them!” InshaAllah!

Dr Radiah may not have said exactly that I mean, but the idea and gist I received from her was that.

Humour has helped me deal with stress and insecurity a lot. For example, I became a mum recently and I felt l relied too much on my support system to raise my baby, and not doing it so much on my own as a mother. Well I tried humour, for example- It’s okay lah! I am a Pokemon, more specifically a Snorlax!!! And I need to sleep now and get rest to be better! Not funny huh?? Well I thought it was pretty hilarious and it made me laugh and I got enough rest to care for my baby. Alhamdulillah.

Laughter is Light 🙂
So ha ha!


Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets alight, maybe the trees are gone
I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song

And all the kids they dance, all the kids all night
Until Monday morning feels another life
I turn the music up
I’m on a roll this time
And heaven is in sight

Sumaiyah Mohamed is a programme coordinator with Club HEAL. She aspires to be a mental health advocate. She loves reading and writing and walks and hot comforting beverages. She is a mother of a young child.

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